Tiger nut oil, the anti-hair regrowth

Different options to use in comestic

A very good use after waxing or shaving

Tiger nut nut oil is known in cosmetics

Tiger nut oil is known in ancient medicine for its anti-hair regrowth properties. It is an oil very rich in vitamin E which helps protect our skin from dehydration and improves its elasticity. It is mainly marketed in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. This little-known oil is an anti-hair regrowth ally. After waxing, no matter what, hair regrowth is expected fairly quickly. By using this oil, hair regrowth is slowed down, the skin is left soft and free of redness or pimples that may follow waxing.

Its anti-hair regrowth properties: a scientific study to support it

A study published in February 2014 on anti-hair regrowth properties in the Aesthetic Surgery journal is summarized as follows:

Background: Topical Cyperus rotundus oil is an effective and safe method to decrease hair growth. The oil’s flavonoids have antiandrogenic activity on androgenic hair. To date, there have been no randomized controlled trials comparing topical C rotundus oil to the available allopathic modalities, such as laser-assisted hair removal.

Objectives: In an open-label pilot study, the author prospectively evaluated the efficacy of C rotundus essential oil, compared with the Alexandrite laser (GentleLase; Candela Laser Corp, Wayland, Massachusetts) and saline, for reducing unwanted axillary hair.

Methods: Eligible participants (n = 65) with unwanted axillary hair were assigned randomly to 1 of 3 study groups: topical C rotundus oil (group 1), saline (group 2), and Alexandrite laser (group 3). Sixty patients completed the entire study. Three methods were used to evaluate the results: hair counts, observations of independent professionals, and patient self-assessments.

Results: Overall results did not differ significantly between C rotundus oil and the Alexandrite laser (P > .05). However, statistically significant differences were noted with respect to decreased growth of white hair (P < .05), favoring the oil. This finding was evident by all 3 methods of assessment. No side effects were detected.

Conclusions:Cyperus rotundus essential oil is as effective as the Alexandrite laser for decreasing the growth of axillary hair (both dark and white).

Level of Evidence: 3



How can I use the oil after waxing:

By applying it 24 hours before your epilation to prepare your skin by massaging until penetration. Then, it can be applied in the evening to reduce regrowth and the amount of hair. A little advice to boost its effects you can mix it once a week with two drops of clary sage essential oil or mix this oil with your homemade deodorant to prevent regrowth under the armpits. Several scientific studies have proven its effect on a group of 20 people with different characteristics and in all cases the results obtained are those expected with a delay varying from one person to another.

Where to buy it

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What are these other properties

We wrote a full article on the benefits of tigernuts on our blog.

Anti-hair regrowth tiger nut oil


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