Tiger nut oil – made with this powerful tuber

Its benefits, its use, where to buy it

Presentation of the oil

This relatively unknown tiger nut oil is however full of many virtues for our health. In particular, scientific studies have shown that cold-extracted nutgrass oil and olive oil have similar properties (Comparison of Chufa and Olive Oil, Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands):

The color of tiger nut oil can range from golden yellow to orange. Its smell is quite neutral with some notes of almonds. Its taste is slightly sweet with an aroma of nuts.

Presentation of tiger nut

The tiger nut is a small tuber cultivated mainly in the region of Valencia (Spain). On these roots, called rhizomes, tubers called tiger nut grow which, when dried, will be pressed to obtain tiger nut oil.

Its contents

-AG mono unsaturated: 69% to 71% oleic acid (Omega9)

-AG poly unsaturated: 10% to 14% linoleic acid (Omega6)

-Saturated GA: 11% to 13% palmitic acid, 2 to 4% stearic acid

Its benefits

Its properties will make this oil ideal for cosmetic use. Very rich in vitamin E, it will act thanks to the antioxidant of the latter, it will nourish and moisturize the skin while creating a protective barrier against aggression that our skin can receive, prevent skin aging and maintain a good elasticity. It can be used pure or mixed with other oils (Almond, Argan ..) in order to combine the different benefits of the latter.

Tigernut oil is also known to limit hair growth after waxing. A study has shown that it is the flovanoid content that allows this property of tiger nut oil.

Its use in cooking

This oil can also be used for culinary preparations where the oil does not have to be heated. Indeed, this “noble” oil, like camelina oil, will not withstand high temperatures, which would degrade its properties. Thus, it can be used as a seasoning oil. Its nutty taste will go well with salads. Its levels of linoleic and oleic acid help prevent certain cardiovascular diseases by reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and our level of triglycerides in our blood.

Its benefits will also prevent certain diseases such as atherosclerosis and its antioxidant power can help us prevent certain cancers. At the moment tiger nut oil is marketed under the name Novel Food (said to be a product that was not consumed in Europe until May 15, 1997).

Where to buy it

It is undoubtedly an exceptional oil that is still very little known. So, whether for its cosmetic properties or for its culinary use, tiger nut oil has many benefits. On our Tiger Nut site you can find more information on everything about tigernuts and their overproducts, recipes and ideas!

This exceptional oil, still little known, is full of benefits for your health!

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Whole tiger nut to make tiger nut oil


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