How to compose a terrific healthy breakfast?

Don't neglect carbohydrates

How to break your overnight fast

A healthy breakfast is often considered the most important meal of our day. After a night without hydrating or eating, it is essential to stop this fasting in order to provide our body with all the essential elements for the smooth running of our morning. First of all, after a night’s sleep, our body may be dehydrated. It is therefore essential to break the overnight fast with a drink. The absorption of liquid will activate our metabolism from the first hour.

What to eat for a healthy breakfast?

Eating fresh fruit will allow us to ingest the minerals necessary for our day. If you’re in a hurry, you can also opt for fruit juice with no added sugar. In order to provide us with the energy we need to start your day, it is essential to consume carbohydrates.

Don’t be scared of carbonhydrates

Carbohydrates are our friends and are essential for our body in a healthy breakfast. Rather, beware of its origins and differentiate natural carbohydrates from added and refined sugars. Thus, any carbohydrate from highly processed industrial products should be avoided. To easily recognize these products, just look at the list of ingredients. If there are things that you do not understand, avoid consuming this product.

Tiger nuts products are the best for a healthy breakfast

If you are looking for an ideal carbohydrate product for your breakfast, we offer a full range of products from our brand La Noix Tigrée.

You can consume tiger nuts alone, our range of naturally sweet granolas or our salty granolas such as CROC Lune which has a great sweet / salty balance (black olive / date paste).

Whether it’s whole tiger nuts, peeled tiger nuts, tiger nuts flakes or diced tigernuts, they all have a natural carbohydrate content of over 63g per 100g of tigernuts.

Tigernut flake porridge recipe on our blog – Recipe and photo by Ysabelle Levasseur dietician / nutritionist – for a balanced breakfast

The natural carbohydrate intake of fruits and nutsedge is ideal to start your day.

Our granolas are oat-free, gluten-free, no added sugars, organic and made in an artisanal way.

You can consume them as such or accompany it with milk, a vegetable drink, fresh or dried fruit or a dairy product such as yogurt or cottage cheese. The ingredient list is very readable, no headaches to decipher everything we only use the raw ingredients! Made in France with top quality ingredients, Tigernut Tiger Granolas will make your breakfasts and snacks a real moment of healthy pleasure. Healthy eating is essential, which is why we pay special attention to every detail when producing our products, from where the ingredients come from, to the techniques used in the design. Our granola nuggets come from a slow cooking in the dehydrator at 80 ° C.

Tigernut, banana, almond granola – no added sugar – photo @zenglutenfree

Dried fruits will provide you with “good” natural fats and essential fatty acids.

Vitamin E, omega 6 and 9 present are involved in the good health of our skin, in the good growth of our hair and our nails but also in the proper functioning of our brain activity.


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