Organic granola and muesli: what are the differences and similarities ?

Muesli versus Granola sans gluten - cuisson et consommation

Organic granola, organic muesli, With or without gluten, with or without added sugar, vegan, tiger nut …

When we speak about organic muesli or organic granola, we also speak in everyday French of "breakfast cereals". Granola in our breakfast jargon is not the cookie with the same name.

The difference between granola and muesli is in cooking:

- The muesli is no baking - neither in the oven nor in the dehydrator - they are oat or nutgrass flakes (our CROC Nature in flakes or our CROC croc chips) mixed with other ingredients that you can eat as they are. , often with cold milk. The muesli can be used as a base for porridge which is usually hot or in any case prepared with cooking.
A porridge with oats will become a porridge while with nutgrass flakes the fibers will remain crunchy as with coconut flesh.
- A granola can be prepared in an oven or in a dehydrator, at home, artisanally or industrially. Other seeds (buckwheat) and dried fruits are also added to the nutsedge or oat flakes

Granola is by its cooking more crunchy and more delicious than a muesli

In the granolas du Tigre we use gluten free ingredients:

Did you know that it's hard to find gluten-free oats? In fact, the fields of oats and wheat are often very close and oats most of the time contain gluten.
On the other hand, tigernuts are still cultivated far from wheat fields because it is another type of crop which is similar to the cultivation of rice rather than that of cereals.
Cereals (shelled buckwheat), oilseeds (nutsedge - tuber, almond, hazelnut - nuts ...) and we do not add sugars.
The natural sugars and fats come from seeds and fruits such as bananas, grapes and date paste.
Our naturally sweet recipes are excellent for breakfast, made with raw ingredients, far from the sugary and ultra-processed recipes in the industry.

At what time of the day to eat it?

Whether granola or muesli, they can be eaten all day with milk or not. Usually we like them both for breakfast, afternoon tea and brunch!

Where to buy them?

organic granola
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Home made recipe

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organic granola
Organic granola

What are their historical history?

Granola history
Organic granola
Granola was developed in the United States around 1863 by Dr. James Caleb Jackson who ran a spa treatment where he gave his patients diets including a vegetarian diet. He wanted to treat digestive illnesses. Jackson's "granula," as he called it, was made from wheat flour. This mixture was then spread out on a baking sheet and baked in the oven until the mixture dried completely. It was then crumbled, cooked a second time and then broken into lots of pieces. The recipe was then called "grunola", from the Latin name "granum" which means "seed".

Dr. John Harvey Kellogg later also promoted a cold and healthy "cereal" made from wheat flour, oatmeal and corn flour also called granula. He must have changed the "u" to "o" compared to Dr. Jackson's creation.

This inventive recipe remained unpopular for many decades until it grew with the hippie movement in the 1960s. Today it is available endlessly for increasingly healthy and tasty breakfasts.

Where to buy them?

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