Tigernuts Christmas cookies

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Pour les biscuits
250g de whole tiger nut flour
70g de Dates sugar powder
100g de tiger nut spread
2 cc de coco nut oil
2 cc de soaked basil seeds ou graines de chia ou oeufs
1 cc en poudre de cinnamon
1 cc de
Pour le glaçage
20g de dark chocolate
10 cl coco nut milk

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Tigernuts Christmas cookies

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  • Pour les biscuits

  • Pour le glaçage



Clolenae’s Christmas tiger nut cookies recipe

For these Christmas tiger nut cookies, his recipe replaced hazelnut puree with tigernuts cream.

“The tradition of Saint Nicolas is always a good excuse to make rather cute delicacies. Inspired by the famous Alsatian manele of circumstances today and whose name means little guy, I preferred to make little cookies 🍪 with gluten-free spices rather than a brioche. To do this, I invite you today to discover the nutgrass flour that I have therefore used in this gourmet recipe today. I would like to point out that I made this brand new recipe, accompanied by a Nicolas who literally put his hand in the dough 😉 for the petri dish, a big thank you. “

Source: https://clolenaearth.com/2021/12/06/6-decembre-petits-biscuits-souchet-noisettes/

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Christmas tiger nut cookies


Why Chloé chose tigernuts flour for her Christmas cookies

“The nutgrass cyperus esculentus is a tuber that comes from the Mediterranean basin, especially Egypt where it has been known since Antiquity for its medicinal properties. The nutgrass has indeed a lot of quality, it is devoid of gluten and its flour unlike rice flour can be used on its own. It is high in fiber and has a surprising natural sweet taste. In the photo above, the nutgrass is peeled and can be eaten as is (it’s delicious and even addicting with its sweetness, like almonds, better soaked before so that it is more tender). Its richness in vitamin E makes it protective, and its fiber content promotes intestinal transit. This is a good way to reduce your intake of refined sugars. ”

“So I am offering you a recipe based on this astonishing tigernuts flour. Less crumbly than rice flour 🍚 with a slightly sweet taste, gluten-free, I tested it for the first time with this cookie recipe 🍪 (perilous exercise with gluten-free 🍪😉) and the result is more than conclusive! I also thank my second in the kitchen 😉. “



For the cookies

Preheat your oven at 180C.


In a bowl, combine the nutgrass flour, date sugar, hazelnut puree, swollen basil seeds, cinnamon, the 5 spices and knead everything.


Add the melted coconut oil while kneading, for more dough hold. After kneading your dough well and compacting it, put it in the refrigerator for an hour.


On a baking paper, spread there with a roller and with a cookie cutter make your cookies


Bake for 15 minutes at 180C.


For the icing

During this time heat the chocolate in a bain-marie then add the coconut milk while mixing. Once your cookies are baked, put your chocolate icing in a pastry bag and make the eyes and buttons of your little guys. Quickly have a good tea 🍵, enjoy yourself 😉.

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