The real recipe for homemade tiger nut drink aka horchata de chufa – with video.

Du souchet, de l'eau et un mixeur!

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How to make a homemade tiger nut drink aka horchata de chufa?

For a delicious tiger nut drink, you need:

  • whole tigernuts
  • some water
  • a blender
  • a vegetable milk bag or a very fine cheesecloth to filter

How long will the recipe take me?

  • one night for soaking
  • 30min for the recipe and cleaning

Will I rediscover the taste of the horchata from my childhood or from my holidays in Spain?

Yes and no. You are going to drink an horchata like the ones Spanish people drink at home. A very healthy tiger nut drink with no added sugar that can be drunk all day from breakfast!

You should know that in Spain horchaterias or ice cream parlors that serve horchatas “granizadas” or “frescas” prepare them most of the time with a concentrate of horchata which has been pasteurized in UHT and which is super sweet. Because of its high starch content, tigernuts are unstable in heat, which is why not all drinks sterilized at high temperature made from tigernuts will taste the same as a homemade tigernut drink. A drink sterilized at high temperature whose main ingredient is tigernuts must have additives and stabilizers. So nothing beats a good homemade horchata!

But I thought the horchata was made from almonds?

Yes a lot of people think so. One of the explanations for this confusion would come from the very similar tastes between tigernuts and almonds. In addition, it is believed that the Romans drank barley syrup made from almonds and horchata made from tigernuts during their orgies. In fact these 3 words: orgeat, horchata and orgy have the same Latin root because tigernuts and almonds are alike and they were eaten during the same festivities!

What are the differences between tiger nuts and almonds?

Tiger nut is a tuber that grows on the roots of the cyperus esculentus plant. It looks like a round, crumbly almond with a thicker skin. Almond is a tree nut, but both are oilseeds which means that you can make vegetable oil or vegetable milks with these two ingredients.

Video of the homemade recipe



How to taste homemade chufa horchata?

You have seen, the recipe is on the same principle as a homemade vegetable milk. You can therefore taste your horchata de chufa like the Spaniards who taste it on the terrace like a very cold refreshing drink or even granita! The

Spanish specialty is also to taste your drink with a farton! a sort of brioche pastry that you can dip in your glass. Otherwise it is the most delicious vegetable milks for your morning cereals, your porridges, your afternoon snack …


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If your food processor or blender is not very powerful, prefer shelled nutsedge to whole nutsedge and skip the cleaning step with white vinegar.


Rinse the whole nutgrass several times (not necessary if shelled)


Soak your nutsedge all night long but do not exceed 9 hours


Throw out the water and the floating tigernuts


For whole nutgrass only you can at this stage do a bath of diluted white vinegar as written on the vinegar bottle for 15min not more. Rinse the nutsedge well.
This step will allow you to keep your drink in the refrigerator for several days.


Mix 300g of tigernuts with 800ml of water, then filter in a vegetable milk bag or cheesecloth.


The drink is ready to consume but it is even better 6 hours to 8 hours later because the sugar will rise on its own.


Keep in the cold part in the fridge (avoid frozen sprinkles) in a clean jar or glass bottle that you can close properly.
For the greediest you can add sugar and cinnamon!
Good tasting!

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