Recipe from Ancient Egypt: conical tigernut and date cakes

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Adjust Servings:
200g of fresh dates if not available, use mejool dates
1 teaspoon of cold water
10-15 half of walnut
1/4 cuillère à cinnamon
1 Small honey jar
75g de extra fine tiger nut flour or mix of different tiger nut flours or grounded tiger nut flakes (CROC Nature)

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Recipe from Ancient Egypt: conical tigernut and date cakes

Easy and delicious! Recipe from Ancient Egypt!

  • Serves 4
  • Medium




Cakes from Ancient Egypt

A typical Ancient Egyptian recipe. The favorite cakes of Rekhmir, the vizier under Amenhotep II, whose frescoes in his tomb spoke of the use of tiger nuts under ancient Egypt.


The tiger nuts were called “ouaeh”

Recipe from Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt conical cake

Cakes from ancient Egypt with tigernuts


“Rekhmire is seated on the right on a light stool; he wears the robe of his office and holds a cane and a kherep scepter (view xx-04). At his feet, arranged in three sub-registers, other characters “smell the earth” (see tb-240). Above him is this text: “The vizier Rekhmire. Collect (the plant) ouaeh and honey in the temple treasury and put under seal all the goods given as an offering in the temple of Amun, as part of his function as supervisor of the scriptures “. Three registers are located in front of it, of very unequal length due to the slope of the ceiling ”

“Two peasants ‘smell the earth’; behind them are sacks in which they carried the tubers of the ouaeh plant which are now in a large heap in front of them. Other peasants measure the amount with bushels, and scribes record the result. Text: “Receive the ouaeh tubers in the temple treasury. ”
Ouaeh tubers are the rhizomes of the edible nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus); they are known as ground almonds, tiger nuts, choufa. These yellow rhizomes form small tubers that turn yellowish brown when ripe. They are eaten dried and then take the shape and size of a crumpled hazelnut; they are rich in sugars (starch, sucrose) and lipids. These rhizomes appear several times in Rekhmirê, always near the honey which was used to sweeten cakes and certain breads. ”

The only cakes of which we have traces at this time are tigernuts

The bakery used tigernuts flour

Recipe from Ancient Egypt - tiger nut recipe
Recipe from Ancient Egypt – tiger nut flour
Recipe from Ancient Egypt – making tigernut flour”Two men pound the rhizomes in a hollowed out tree trunk with the caption:” Crush the rhizomes in the Treasury of Amon, lord of the thrones of the Double Country, in order to make the aâbet offerings at each feast that His Majesty has established »(See bs-38503). The “flour” obtained by this rudimentary grinding has a coarse texture, despite the sieving (view bs-38499, view bs-38502); in addition, it does not contain gluten and must therefore be mixed with wheat or barley flour for making breads or cakes. Two men prepare the dough in a container placed on a tripod, one turns the preparation using a spatula, the other pours an unknown liquid (fat, honey?) (See bs-38497). Then we see several figures modeling the dough in the form of cones on a stone or wood plate (see bs-38498). Note that there is no bread pan and that the only oven shown is off. The cakes are baked in a sort of pan placed on a brazier built in bricks (view bs-38495). As the legend says, fat is added to the pan: “Add fat and bake Sat cakes”. We see the result in the form of oval or triangular cakes, red with a yellow border that a man carries to the place of shopping using a yoke (see bs-38493). ”


Honey and dates are the main sweetening products in ancient Egypt. However, beekeeping scenes are rarely represented, although some have been found since the Old Kingdom. A man on his knees digs out the honeycombs which he piles up in two dishes, while his helper smokes the bees (Nina Davies painting on the Metropolitan Museum website). One bowl contains white beeswax. On the left, two men seal large jars no doubt full of liquid honey, while two others bustle around much larger red dishes, one covering the other, sealed with wax (a white stripe is visible on the image seen xx-127/01).

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Whole flour known as classic organic tiger nut flour and extra fine organic tiger nut flour.



Chop the dates and put them in a bowl (remove the pits from the dates if you don't have any)


Add water and mix well with a fork


Stir in the chopped nuts and cinnamon


Form balls with your hands (it's very sticky)


Pour the honey into a bowl


Put the ground tiger nut in a plate


Have a clean plate ready to put the finished delicacies on


Dip the date balls in the honey, then roll them in the ground nutsedge, making sure they are well coated

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