Tiger nut drink – like an horchata de chufa!

Recettes comme une horchata de chufa

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Horchata de chufa recipe

Tigernut drink, plain or flavored with matcha, raw cocoa …

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The horchata de chufa has several names but legally in France it is called tigernuts drink because the Spanish term “horchata de chufa” has been registered at European level by Spain to protect this name.

The term “milk” for vegetable milks can only be used for almond milk and coconut milk.

What are the ingredients in chufa horchata?

Tiger nuts, also called chufa, water and sugar for the Spanish recipe. But at La Noix Tigrée, we don’t like to add sugar in general with tigernuts. No need for sugar because tigernuts are naturally sweet. You can use whole tiger nut or peeled tiger nut or even tiger nut flakes in our CROC Nature.

Differtent kind of tiger nuts to make your homemade horchata de chuifa


Where to find horchata in France or in Paris: chufi, another brand or homemade chufa horchata?

In France, we will find the Chufi brand which belongs to the Lactalis group in some supermarkets. Chufi is stabilized at very high UHT temperatures and its ingredients are water, tigernuts, milk protein and emulsifiers E-472c and E-471. Some specialized organic stores will offer UHT tetra brik certified and made in Spain. But you should know that this drink is very unstable to heat because of its starch content. Today there is no such thing as a UHT chufa horchata that does not contain additives. The only UHT tetra brik without additives has only 6% nutgrass, the rest being rice and water. At La Noix Tigrée we are such a fan of this drink that we started our product marketing with ultra fresh tigernuts drinks with the flavors: plain, chia seeds, matcha, raw cocoa…. You could find it at La Grande Epicerie in Paris and in a few specialized organic or delicatessen stores in the capital. But Parisian demand was very fluctuating and fresh management was very restrictive, we preferred to refocus on dry products. That’s why we share with you all our know-how to get the best of chufa horchatas!

How to make the best of horchatas de chufa or homemade tiger nuts drinks?

Our recommendations for storing your horchata aka tigernut drink: – to obtain a better conservation, clean your whole tigernut beforehand (do not do with shelled nutsedge) by rinsing the tubers with plenty of water before the night of soaking and then just before use, bath in diluted white vinegar for 15 minutes in water as indicated on the bottle and rinse well with water again before use. (do not use white vinegar with shelled nutsedge which will absorb everything) Drink this naturally sweet drink plain or with a little matcha or baobab powder!

What to do with okara from horchata de chufa, the pulp of tigernuts drink?

You can dry it in the sun or in an oven or in a dehydrator and then use it as a gluten-free flour in: – breadcrumbs or tempura of vegetables or fish. Tigernuts will bring a little sweet taste – gluten-free preparations such as almond powder or instead of a tasty gluten-free flour such as chestnut flour. For preparations made from rice flour or buckwheat flour, we recommend that you replace 30% of these flours with okara or our tigernut flour and remove or reduce the amount of added sugar. You will find our recipes based on this delicious drink or its okara here 



Horchata de chufa
Horchata de chufa in a spanish horchateria



Faites tremper toute la nuit le souchet entier ou la version décortiquée (notre CROC Rond)


Mixez 300gr de souchet avec 800ml d'eau filtrée dans un blender.

Filtrez dans un sac à lait végétal ou une étamine et voilà!


Le plus délicieux des laits végétaux naturellement sucré se conserve 3 jours au froid.

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You will find here a bunch of articles and recipes about tiger nut, gluten-free products, vegan ingredients, sugar free recipes... Come to descover our tiger nut recipes! La Noix Tigrée is the tiger nut specialist in France! We offer tiger nut products on our eshop. All our products are prepared in France, in an artisanal way, organic, vegan, gluten-free, no added sugars, no GMOs and based on tigernuts!

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Beurre de souchet et petits gâteaux de souchet
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