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Tiger nuts benefits, 10 of them – shop online – organic bags and bulk

At least 10 benefits

Called souchet, tiger nut, chufa, earth almond, sweet pea, ndir, noix tigrée …

it has been used for centuries for its benefits.

What is a tiger nut?

It is the tuber of the herbaceous plant Cyperus Esculentus.

It is an oilseed but not a tree nut. We can extract an oil and a vegetable milk from it.

Tiger nut is gluten-free, suitable for diets that avoid gluten. Its integral or refined flour is very popular for its sweet taste. The tiger nuts fields are independent of other cultures containing gluten, whether in Spain or Africa.

Raw, it can be nibbled as it is or transformed whole, peeled, in flour, drink, toasted, in spread …

Its flakes are the perfect substitute for oats, giving that little extra sweet almond taste. To add in your yoghurt, your bircher and even in your soups.

Known since Ancient Egypt

Its first traces date back to Ancient Egypt. Long forgotten in Europe, except in Spain through the consumption of the drink Horchata de Chufa, it is now back in the spotlight thanks to the following qualities:

How to use it?

It has a high content of soluble and insoluble fiber.

A great advantage of tiger nut is its effective role against constipation by its regular consumption. Its fiber content is higher than that contained in chia seeds, prunes or whole-grain flours and it becomes a great ally in diets that often require an increase in fiber consumption.

It is a transit facilitator and it helps to quickly obtain the effect of satiety. The calories are then ingested quickly which helps in the regulation of glucose in the blood. The faster you get to satiety, the easier it is to control your weight loss, thus helping in good digestion, reducing bloating, colic and gas. It can be used in case of diarrhea (thanks to its high starch content) and to relieve irritation of the colon.

Its drink is the best vegetable milk.

The first traces of the tigernut drink date back to the 15th century in Spain. Now known in the Valencia region as horchata de chufa, it tastes like almond milk. It is for this reason that the terms Orgeat (almond syrup) and horchata (tigernuts drink) have a common root. Often tourists in Spain think that horchata is made from almonds when it is made from tiger nuts.

Its preparation is also based on the same principle as almond milk: you have to clean the tiger nuts, soak it overnight in water then mix it by changing the water and filter everything. You then get a milky looking drink with a sweet taste between fresh almond, coconut, hazelnut and slightly sweet. It can be drunk at room temperature or as a granita in summer, as in Spain at certain specialized ice cream parlors.

Is tiger nut a superfood?

It is a source of minerals: potassium (25 tigernuts exceed the potassium dose of a banana), zinc, magnesium (100 grams of tiger nuts provide between 13 and 17% of the magnesium needed for a day), iron, phosphorus and it is considered as a very interesting food thanks to its vitamin E content and unsaturated fatty acids.

Magnesium, for example, allows calcium to bind to the bones, it is necessary for the functioning of the kidneys.

Potassium helps control good blood pressure and therefore has a positive effect on cardiac activity. It helps regulate the acid / base ratio and helps distribute water throughout the body.

It is an alkaline food like almond.

Tiger nuts and our gut microbiota.

Tiger nuts are a source of prebiotics that feed the good bacteria in your gut microbiota. It is also recommended in anti-inflammatory diets known as AIP¨in English in addition it is easy to consume throughout the day between meals to regulate appetite or during meals.

Tiger nuts are a source of omega-9, the good fat for which olive oil and avocado are famous. It is also a source of prebiotics, resistant starch, enzymes (biotin, rutin, flavonoid, which protect the body from free radicals).

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