Tiger nuts at Natexpo 2021

Our presence at the organic trade fair

It was our first time at the Natexpo show.

To talk about tiger nuts at Natexpo, it is a logistics and a certain investment of time to participate in a 3-day trade fair.

But it was 3 intense and professional days.

Tigernuts are more and more in demand

It is also always an opportunity to meet other innovative brands that can be considered as competitors, or future partners or both.

The conclusion of this organic trade fair is that La Noix Tigrée is the only French start-up to organize its entire offer around the nutgrass tuber.

Also more and more professional organic players are familiar with tigernuts and have heard of the La Noix Tigrée brand.

Some professionals are looking for it to resell and others to create processed products such as vegetable desserts.

Network interested in tiger nuts at Natexpo

It was an opportunity to have our products taste at dozens of independent stores, distributors across Europe, dried fruit brands looking for new products, chocolate makers or oilseed cream manufacturers looking for new raw materials. , players in specialized national networks or mass distribution.

The Tigray continues to advance with its pilgrim’s staff. We will keep you informed of the progress in future articles!

We hope to come back in 2022 to talk about tigernuts at Natexpo!


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